I’m back (for now anyway)

Deleted this WordPress app over a year ago because I just didn’t have the time to sit down and write posts…

But sometimes it’s nice to give your opinion on products you have used, places you have been, ask question on things you need advice on etc…

So I’m back🙈

I know if I’m looking into products or places I always check reviews first so you never know what I blab on about here might be helpful to someone..

And of course I’ll be using this to read other blogs and catch up on everything..

I hope ye all had an amazing summer xx


Bunch O Balloons 

So seen as we are having amazing weather at he moment in Ireland and I seen that we are now selling the bunch o balloons at work I decided to pick them up for my son and little brother to play with ☺️

You can get a pack of them for €10.. You get 100 water ballons and all the connections that are needed to attach them to a hose or tap.. Just the thoughts of not having to individually fill and tie the balloons was a winner for me … Nothing worst then having raw fingers after tying loads of water ballons… 

You attach the connection to the hose and start to fill the balloons while they are in water… When they get to between 4 and 5 inches you just give them a little shake and they all fall off tied into the water 👍🏻

The kids loved them and so did I lol.. Will defiantly be picking these up again 😀

Rimmel Sun Shimer In Shower Self Tan

I purchased this about a month ago and as far as I remember it was close to the €10 mark! I wanted to give this a good try before I wrote what I thought as I always find tans really touch and go.. Sometimes they need a few applications before you get them perfect! 

So I’ve applied it now four different times and each time I found something didn’t look right! 

You have a shower like normal then while still wet you apply the tan! Leave it a min or two and wash back off! You pat yourself dry as to not pull the tan back off! 

I found my skin felt very oily after it and it took awhile to get myself fully dry! When applying there’s a nice smell but a few hours later I found i had a very strong ‘tan smell’ off myself which I don’t like. It gradually darkens over a few hours. 

The first two times I tried the tan I found my legs and body came out perfect.. No streaks and the tan was a nice shade. Very natural looking! But my arms seemed to be really pale and blotchy.. 

The next two times I tried it it was the opposite my arms were fine but my legs were very streaky! Even as the tan wore off it became very streaky and dirty looking. 

So personally for me this is defiantly not something I’ll repurchase.. This is just my opinion on this product from my experience.. Has anyone else tried this and how was your experience? What’s your favourite fake tan? 

King Johns Castle day trip 

So myself and my son are always off exploring… We have visited so many castles in the last few years but have never visited King Johns Castle! Crazy it’s one of the only ones we haven’t been too esp when it’s 10 minutes walk from our house 🙈

I remember been here myself as a child but the whole place was done up a few years back and to be honest they did an amazing job! 

Out of all the castles we have been too this is the first one where I’ve felt like they really get the kids involved in what is going on! 

I think it cost €15.65 for us both. €10 for a adult and €5.65 for a child. The girls at the reception desk were so friendly and handed my son a sheet of paper with like a quiz on it and explained if he filled it all in and got all the clues he would get a gift in the shop on the way out! Straight away he was into finding all the answers to the questions and finding all the clues ☺️

The first part you enter is an exhibition all about the Normans..there are screens to listen to stories and answer questions, there are statues you can stand behind and put your head on so it looks like your dressed up, plenty of drawers that can be opened to show arrow heads etc from that time and the part my son loved was where he had to build an arch I’ll include pictures below 🙂 

The next part was another exhibition explaining all about the besiege of the castle in the 1600’s.. 

Then it was onto the castle grounds themselves and this is where my son really started to enjoy himself. There was a machine that you put a 5cent into and you could crush it with the stamp from the castle. This is also where we had to search all the rooms to find the bronze clues and use a pencil on the sheets of paper to get the picture of the clue.. It really got him interested in the names of the rooms we were in to find the clues.. 

The view from the top of the castle was also amazing 

Defiantly a place to visit with kids if your visiting Limerick my son is 6 and he loved it. I even got a ‘why have we never come here before it’s too cool ‘ lol 

Would highly recommend this but I think for anyone with smaller kids getting around would be difficult with prams as there’s a lot of stairs when you get into the main castle. 


I haven’t been able to blog in a while so I thought what better way to kick off a drought of posts then with a MOTD picture 🙂 

It’s a very casual day today. No work and just heading out with my son so I went very basic. The look overall took under 10 minutes.. 

I used the catrice all Matt foundation.. Then I used the catrice camouflage concelar under my eyes.. Eyeshadow is a mixture of inglot browns and burnt orange colours. Eyeliner is the Amc gel eyeliner from inglot. Used inglot mascara too. To give a bit of a bronzed look I used the essence natural bronzer around my cheeks and hairline.. And to finish it off I used a wet n wild lipstick. 

Love the looks you can create from inglot eyeshadows so pigmented and easy to blend to get a lovely smokey eye look 🙂 

Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation 

I’ve always kind of stuck to my Max factor face finity foundation because it always made my skin look flawless.. 

Recently it seems to be getting more expensive so for a change I thought maybe I’ll try one of the foundations from the Catrice stand in penneys.. (Aka primark)

I was looking at a few but I decided to pick up the All Matt Plus in shade 10 light beige.. It’s a shine control foundation that claims to be mattifying..long lasting and oil free.. It also states that it lasts up to 18 hours.. 


Let me first start by saying the number 10 matches my pale skin so well 😃 it wouldn’t even need blending to my neck it’s that well matched.. It’s applies so smoothly and gives a nice coverage and flawless look… I love the Matt finish on it.. The foundation is really long lasting! I had it on for 13 hours yesterday and it didn’t look much different to when I applied it!  

The picture I’ve added is of the foundation after the 13 hours. I think it lasted so well.. I can’t say as much for my eyeliner 🙈

I would defiantly recommend this foundation and for €6.50 you can’t go wrong! I’ve dry to normally skin and it doesn’t cling to dry patches or anything. I’ve been using his foundation for well over a month now and haven’t one complaint about it. It’s my new go to foundation 🙂 

Has anyone else been shocked by how good they found a budget foundation? What’s your go to foundations? 


Lately I’ve been using a more budget brand of foundation and I have to say I’m really liking it. It is the Catrice all Matt plus.  I get it in number 10 light beige! It’s a nice coverage and it gives a more natural look then some of the other foundations I have. For €6.50 it’s really good! I can put this on before I go to work and by the time I get home it’s still perfect! 

This look is very budget based. The most expensive product was the Inglot eyeshadows and eyeliner. There always in my every day looks. Pigment in their eyeshadows is just amazing and the eyeliner lasts hours without budging. 

Everything else was essence and catrice which have really amazing products lately especially when they are so affordable! 

The lipstick is a primark/ penneys brand ps in colour dare to bare. 

Bronzer and blusher are both essence ..

Mascara is the essence false lash effect.. 

Eyebrows are darkened with penneys ps eyebrow kit powders.

I’d highly recommended trying the catrice foundation tho it’s defiantly got a thumbs up from me 🙂 (I’ve dry to natural skin)